What Happens If You’re Involved In A Hit-And-Run Car Accident?

Under Nevada law, drivers involved in a collision are required to exchange information, offer reasonable assistance and in some cases file an accident report. All involved drivers must share their names, addresses, vehicle registration numbers and driver’s license numbers. Drivers are also required to share this information with the police officer investigating the accident.

Sometimes, police may not respond to minor accidents that don’t involve serious injury. In these cases, the drivers are responsible for filing the report themselves. Drivers have a limited time period to file the report. However, drivers are not penalized for failing to file the report on time if they are physically hurt and unable to comply.

Hit And Run With Property Damage

Drivers who flee the scene of an accident that only results in property damage could face misdemeanor charges. Drivers who cause property damage are required to stop, move the vehicle to a location that doesn’t obstruct traffic, and share their contact information (name and address) with the property owner. If the property owner is not present, driver’s must leave a written note with their name and address. 

Drivers are also required to inform the police department of the accident if the property damage is worth $750 or more. However, if drivers are hurt and unable to contact the police department, the responsibility shifts to able-bodied passengers. The penalties for leaving the scene of a car accident that causes property damage include up to six months in jail, and/or a fine of up to $1,000 and six demerit points applied to the driver’s license.

Hit And Run With Unattended Vehicle

Drivers who hit a parked vehicle with no one inside are required to report the accident to police. If the driver is physically unable to report the accident due to injury, the responsibility is transferred to able-bodied passengers.

Drivers are also required to share their contact information with the driver of the other vehicle. If the driver is not present, then a note with contact information should be left in a conspicuous place.

Hit And Run With Bodily Injury or Death 

Fleeing an accident that involves injuring or killing another driver or pedestrian can lead to serious felony charges. The penalties for not stopping, providing aid and exchanging information in a hit and run involving death or bodily injury are two to 20 years in prison, a fine of $2,000 to $5,000 and a possible license suspension or revocation. If convicted, defendants do not have the option of probation.

The Rights of Victims in Hit And Run Car Accidents

If a driver tries to leave the scene of an accident without stopping to help or share their contact information, victims should call the police as soon as possible. Victims should also write down everything they remember about the accident, such as a license plate number and unique vehicle features and share this information with the authorities.

A police investigation will take into account debris on the road, tire marks from brakes, eyewitness testimony and nearby business surveillance footage to help identify and charge the other driver.  Police officers will use broken headlights, mirrors and even car paint to help identify the make and model of the other vehicle. An investigation may be quickly solved with the help of videos taken by pedestrians or other drivers with mounted dashcams.

In cases involving serious injury or death, law enforcement may share certain facts about the accident with the media to encourage witnesses to come forward. 

How A Hit And Run Impacts A Personal Injury Case

Victims of a hit and run accident can add any damages caused by the other driver to their car accident claim. For example, if faster medical treatment may have reduced the severity of the victim’s injuries, they may add those damages to their claim. 

If the accident could’ve been prevented if there had been safe lighting in the area or if the roads had been properly maintained, a personal injury attorney will help the victim obtain compensation even if the other driver is never caught.

An experienced personal injury attorney will help victims of hit-and-run car accidents develop a strong personal injury case that includes all of the appropriate damages. 

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