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Gil Manzano Jr. Esq.

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If you’re dealing with an immigration issue, Gil Manzano, Jr., Esq. can help.  A highly experienced and knowledgeable immigration attorney, Gil has represented scores of clients in some of the most complex immigration cases.  He’ll take on cases other immigration lawyers are afraid to touch.  His vast experience includes cases relating to Cancellation of Removal (Defense), Convention Against Torture (CAT), Appeals in the federal courts, Visas and Work Permits, Asylum Applications, Complete Adjustment (Green Card), Consulate Processing, Employment Petitions, Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and the underutilized EB-2 Investor Treaty Visas.  Gil Manzano is an “out-of-the-box” thinker that crafts creative strategies to tackle difficult legal situations.  He’s represented and helped individuals from countries such as Mexico, El Salvador, Canada, Australia, France, and Italy, among others, gain proper legal standing in the United States.  There is no immigration problem too big or small that Gil cannot handle.

Obstacles of Immigration

One of the biggest obstacles immigrants face is the uncertainty and unpredictability of the immigration system.  This is truer today than ever before.  Fluent in Spanish and familiar with diverse cultures (and the son of immigrants himself), Gil does everything possible to put his clients at ease.  He understands what’s at stake.  He understands the anxiety that surrounds the immigration process.  For this reason, he believes in regular communication with clients and making himself accessible to answer question as they arise.  According to Gil, “the key to being a good immigration lawyer is instilling confidence in your clients that you understand what you’re doing and that you have a plan to address the client’s situation.”

Immigration Case of “Phillipe” and “Marta”

Perhaps the best illustration of Gil’s skills and attitude is how he handled the situation involving “Phillipe” and “Marta.”  A loving couple that had been married for several decades, they suddenly found themselves thrust into a cyclone of uncertainty and despair when they received a notice in the mail from the government that Phillipe would have his permanent resident status cancelled and would be facing deportation to a country he had not visited in over 25 years. 

Despite doing everything “by the book,” including having consulted with another immigration lawyer several years ago, the couple thought they were in full compliance with immigration laws.  After all, they paid their taxes every year and were law abiding people.  Phillipe was a good man, active in his local Catholic church who regularly volunteered to help the less fortunate.  He had never even gotten a speeding ticket.  With two children born in the United States, Phillipe and Marta agonized over how their kids would react to the possibility of “Papa” being sent to a country they have never been to.  Every night before going to bed, Phillipe and Marta would lay awake wondering how this could be happening to them and talking about what life would be like for their family going forward.  If you were in this situation, ask yourself how would you feel?    

The Right Immigration Lawyer

Luckily for Phillipe and Marta, they found attorney Gil Manzano.  He understood right away that he was dealing with a life altering situation that required skillful attention.  It wasn’t just about Phillipe.  It was also about his wife and kids.  Their lives hung in the balance too.  He could see the stress in the faces of Phillipe and Marta and understood that the life they knew in the United States depended upon him. 

“They don’t teach you in law school how to handle the pressure of having someone’s life hang in the balance” noted Gil.  Further adding, “I’ve had to learn the skill through decades of being a lawyer and sitting across the table from stressed out clients.”  “It’s a truly humbling experience and has made me a better person.”

Once Gil started reviewing the papers in Phillipe and Marta’s case, and identifying all the things the other immigration lawyer didn’t do, he began to formulate a plan.  After spending numerous hours crafting a strategy, he went to work on stopping something bad from happening to Phillipe’s family.  Appearing in immigration court and making strong legal arguments, which he developed after many hours of research and preparation, Gil was able to convince the immigration judge that relief was warranted.  The judge made a favorable ruling, specifically that Phillipe could remain in the United States.  On that day, Phillipe and his family’s lives changed for the better.  Many tears were shed, hugs were exchanged and lives were saved.  For Gil, it was just another day doing what he does best.    

Gil Manzano, Jr., Esq.

Apart from his positive attitude for his clients, Gil has an impressive background.  A native of southern California, Gil received his B.S.B.A in Finance from Northern Arizona University.  While an undergraduate, he was named a member of Who’s Who Among College and University Students and was selected as a member of the National Hispanic Honor Society.  He received his law degree from the Pacific College of Law where he graduated in the top 5% of his class. 

In law school he was the recipient of numerous American Jurisprudence Awards for academic excellence.  To complete his academic career, in 2005 Gil obtained a masters degree in Taxation with an emphasis in E-Commerce from St. Thomas University in Miami, Florida.  He is a member of the Connecticut State Bar, the American Bar Association (ABA), the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). In 2010, Gil was admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court and the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (9th Circuit).


If you or a loved are facing immigration issues, you need the best advocate fighting for you.  While not every case is the same and no credible lawyer would ever guarantee a particular result, at The Vegas Lawyers you’ll always get the promise from us that we’ll work hard for you.  Phillipe and Marta’s story illustrates this point.  Hard work, a winning attitude, a sense of compassion and a commitment to excellence are what make good things happen.  With attorney Gil Manzano in your corner, this is what you get as a client.

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