Domestic Violence FAQs

Best Defense when charged with Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Domestic Violence Laws in Las Vegas

I’m being charged with domestic violence but the charges are bogus, what can I do?

 Being charged with domestic violence is a serious matter that can adversely impact your life in many ways. Charges of this kind are also based upon a personal relationship in which people sometimes have a motive to twist things or manufacture a situation to gain leverage. As the accused, it can be frustrating to have to defend yourself against charges you believe are bogus. Take comfort in knowing that we’ve handled many cases of this kind with great success. The key is to present facts to the Court showing the charges are bogus. At The Vegas Lawyers we spend a lot of time in domestic violence cases developing the facts so that we can show a judge and the prosecutor that the charges are not credible. Being charged with domestic violence is not the same as being convicted of domestic violence. At The Vegas Lawyers, we know how to successfully defend against these charges.


What Makes The Vegas Lawyers Different?

At The Vegas Lawyers, what sets us apart is our unique team.  When we sign up a client, that person is represented by an entire team.  We routinely discuss our clients’ cases at meetings and collaborate on how to put forward the best defenses.  We come up with strategies on how to make the most persuasive defense.

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