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Are you From Out of State and Got A DUI?

Each year, visitors from around the world come to Nevada to let their hair down and have a great time. Unfortunately, some out of state visitors have a little too much fun and decide to get behind the wheel after a few (or not so few) drinks.  Many tourists believe that anything goes in Las Vegas and that the police will turn a blind eye to certain conduct.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Like most other places in the United States, Las Vegas has a zero tolerance policy towards drinking and driving.   

It may seem like driving under the influence wouldn’t be that big of a deal in the party capital of the world. On the contrary, the Las Vegas Metropolitan police and the Nevada Highway Patrol take DUI offenses very seriously. They’ve even developed a DUI Strike Force that’s solely dedicated to stopping drunk drivers and arresting them.

At The Vegas Lawyers, we understand that mistakes happen. It’s what you do afterward that matters. If you’ve been charged with an out of state DUI, we have the experience to help you get the least amount of penalties possible under the circumstances.

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Nevada DUI Laws For Out Of State Drivers

DUI laws for out of state drivers are the same for Nevada residents. The arrest, court, and penalty procedures are identical. Suppose a police officer suspects someone of driving under the influence. Regardless of their home state, the police will initiate a traffic stop and follow standard protocol to determine if their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is over the legal limit.

If you fail a field sobriety test in conjunction with a breath or blood test, you will be arrested for a DUI. While it’s likely that you’ll be charged with a DUI offense, that doesn’t always guarantee a conviction, especially if you are working with a proven Las Vegas DUI attorney.

What Is The Penalty For An Out Of State DUI In Nevada?

Much like other states, Nevada has a zero-tolerance policy towards drunk driving. In many cases, they will push for higher fines, longer jail sentences, etc. not to just punish the defendant but also set an example. With this in mind, penalties for out of state DUI convictions are no different from penalties for Nevada residents.

Consequences for DUI offenses in Nevada depend on:

  • Past DUI convictions
  • Your BAC level – .18 BAC or higher can lead to more severe penalties
  • Whether your DUI caused injuries or death
  • Other evidence unique to your case

If convicted, you can expect mandatory jail time of 2-days to 20 years, fines starting at $400, attendance of alcohol abuse course and Victim Impact Panel, installation of an ignition interlock device, and a license suspension.

The type of penalties given depends on the circumstances of the case. First time DUI offenses can generally expect more lenient consequences in comparison to subsequent or more consequential DUI offenses. If you’re unsure of what you may be facing, it can help to contact an experienced DUI lawyer you trust.

What Happens If I Ignore My Court Summons?

In Nevada, you or your DUI lawyer must appear in court for misdemeanor DUI offenses. That is true, regardless of your home state. If the out of state defendant or their DUI attorney isn’t present for the court date, a Nevada judge will likely issue a bench warrant for their arrest.

If a bench warrant is issued against you, you will be arrested if you’re ever in Nevada again and pulled over by the police. Once apprehended, you will likely be held in jail without bail until your DUI offense is addressed.

A skilled DUI attorney can potentially help nullify or “quash” the warrant by requesting a court hearing and convincing the judge to recall the warrant. Your lawyer can appear on your behalf to accomplish this, so you won’t have to leave your home state.

It’s important to note, if you’re facing felony DUI charges, the police may seek to have you extradited (forcefully brought back to Nevada). It’s essential to handle any outstanding charges as quickly as possible to avoid worst-case scenarios.

Will My Home State Revoke My License?

Potentially, yes. Due to the Interstate Compact between state DMVs, a Nevada DUI conviction can lead to license revocation in your home state. A Nevada DUI lawyer can potentially negotiate your charges down to reckless driving or have them dismissed to help you avoid these penalties without ever showing up to court.

Other Ways A Nevada DUI Conviction Can Affect You In Your Home State

As a nation, DUI convictions are taken seriously by all states and local prosecutors. In addition to a home state license suspension, a Las Vegas DUI conviction can impact your “DUI count” in your home state. However, every state handles this differently.

After you’ve connected with a Nevada DUI lawyer, it’s in your best interest to seek legal counsel from a DUI attorney within your home state to learn how your out of state DUI case could impact you locally.

Should I Hire A Nevada DUI Lawyer?

DUI charges are criminal offenses that can lead to severe penalties such as jail time, license revocation, fines, and a criminal record. Deciding to handle an out of state DUI case on your own is a gamble, to say the least.

Hiring a proven DUI attorney can help to ensure that you have the best chance of decreased charges, dismissal, or lessened penalties. A Nevada DUI lawyer can do the following on your behalf:

  • Attend court appearances
  • Gather and scrutinize evidence
  • Mount a defense strategy
  • File motions
  • Negotiate with the prosecution
  • Attend a Nevada DMV hearing

If your case does not result in a plea bargain, dismissal, or decreased charges, and it goes to trial, you must come back to Nevada for court. However, most DUI cases never reach trial.

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