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Don’t Take A Gamble On Your Lawyer.

At The Vegas Lawyers we have a special sauce.  On the criminal side, our legal team is led by former Judge Tony Abbatangelo who spent more than a decade on the bench.  On the immigration side, our legal team is led by attorney Gil Manzano, Jr., a very knowledgeable and experienced attorney with over a decade of immigration court experience. 

On the personal injury side, our legal team is led by attorney Jim Kelly, a skilled lawyer that has recovered millions of dollars for clients.  Tony, Gil and Jim joined forces with Paul Padda, a highly successful attorney and former Federal Prosecutor, who has successfully built his Personal Injury practice to be among the most distinguished in Las Vegas. 

All of our lawyers and supporting staff share a philosophy that when people have legal trouble, they need compassion and empathy and deserve someone that will listen and take into consideration the impact on their life circumstances.  Together with their immense credentials, and their smart, warm, and diligent paralegal team, The Vegas Lawyers deliver the most humane and effective legal experience in Las Vegas.

At The Vegas Lawyers, we know that what happens here doesn’t always stay here. You need the right legal team on your side.


When you hire The Vegas Lawyers, you hire a quality legal team.  What does this mean?  It means that everyone from the receptionist, the paralegals and the attorneys at The Vegas Lawyers is working for you to achieve the best possible outcome.  At The Vegas Lawyers we pride ourselves on our team-work and putting the client’s interests first.  We understand and appreciate how stressful any legal situation can be.  For this reason, we make sure we hire only the best people to work here and be part of this team so that we can deliver first-rate results to our clients.  With deep knowledge of the law, court procedures and possessed with outstanding legal skills, the team at The Vegas Lawyers is ready to give you the outstanding representation you deserve. Our legal team is here to assist you every step of the way.

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