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If you’ve ever been arrested or charged with a criminal offense in Nevada, then you’re familiar with the stress, anxiety, frustration, and confusion involved in the process.  That’s especially true if you don’t have an experienced criminal defense attorney representing you or you hire a lawyer that has little time to address your issues and needs.  Criminal law is one area where you never want to gamble on your choice of lawyer.  The stakes are simply too high.     

While it is certainly true that every criminal case is different, the simple fact is that working with a proven criminal defense lawyer with a track record of success can put you in a winning position.  When choosing a criminal defense lawyer, you want someone that is not only familiar with the courtroom and has a history of success, but you also want someone affiliated with an office that provides outstanding customer service.   All of these factors combined will help put you at significant ease while at the same time drastically improving your odds of decreased charges, lessened penalties, and/or getting your case dismissal.     

There’s too much at stake.  Don’t gamble with your reputation, lifestyle, and freedom with anything less than the best Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer.  At The Vegas Lawyers, where many of our clients just refer to us as TVL for short, we have a former judge and two former prosecutors on staff that are dedicated to giving you five-star representation.  Our paralegals and attorneys work as a team to give each client the best defense.  Contact TVL today for your free initial consultation by calling (702) 707-7000.

What Is Criminal Law?

Individuals who have been arrested or have a warrant out against them can expect major life changes if convicted, including possible imprisonment, fines, a lifelong criminal record, and more. With that in mind, your best chance of a successful defense against criminal charges is to hire an experienced attorney.  With the stakes so high, this is not the time to choose second best.   

Our attorneys at The Vegas Lawyers offer the support and legal expertise you and your family need when facing serious criminal charges.  Our criminal defense team will stop at nothing to craft the best defense strategy on your behalf to increase the odds of decreased or dismissed charges.

It’s important to note that individuals who hire a private attorney vs. a court-appointed lawyer generally have a better chance of success.

Criminal Law Definition: An area of law specifically dealing with the criminal codes and punishments for criminal activity or an omission of certain acts.

Criminal Law Examples: Assault and Battery, Drug Crimes, DUI, Domestic Violence, Sex Crimes, Prostitution, Theft, Fraud, Gun Crimes etc.

What’s The Difference Between Civil vs Criminal Law?

There’s a huge difference between civil v. criminal law.  For starters, civil lawsuits are brought by individuals or companies against another person or company.  On the other hand, criminal prosecution is conducted only by the government.

Losing a civil lawsuit can damage your reputation and cost a lot of money.  However, the penalties for a criminal conviction in Nevada are far more devastating (i.e., jail, prison, fines, etc.).  In addition, a criminal conviction can carry significant social stigma, embarrassment and adverse career consequences.    

See the differences between civil vs criminal law in the table below.

Civil v. Criminal Law Table

Civil LawCriminal Law
Case Pursued ByIndividuals and private entitiesThe State or Federal Government
ConsequencesCompensation for damages (i.e., injuries, lost property, pain and suffering, etc.)Felony or misdemeanor charges, jail, prison, fines, probation, and more
Proof RequiredThe plaintiff must prove a case by a preponderance of the evidenceThe government must prove the defendant committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt
Appeals Allowed?Yes – both partiesYes – only the defense
Jury or Bench TrialBoth allowedBoth allowed

Per the information referenced in the table above, criminal court proceedings have vastly different outcomes, consequences, and procedures than civil court cases.  If you’re facing criminal charges in Nevada, it’s in your best interest to work with an attorney who spends the majority of their time focusing on criminal law.  Why?  Because otherwise you may risk hiring an unprepared and unfocused attorney. 

What Is The Difference Between Substantive And Procedural Criminal Law?

The difference between substantive criminal law and procedure focused law is who they impose the burdens upon.  Procedural law refers to laws that define procedures used by law enforcement and court officials and which give rights to the accused.  Substantive criminal law refers to the assessment of a defendant’s responsibilities and liabilities.

Every criminal case requires a thorough understanding of substantive and procedural aspects of criminal law.  For example, instances of unlawful search and seizure require knowledge of procedural criminal law.  If you hire a lawyer who lacks experience in either area of the law, it could cost you your freedom.  That’s never a chance you want to take.   

The criminal defense team at The Vegas Lawyers has decades of expertise and hands-on experience representing individuals in all types of criminal cases.

What Are The Types Of Cases Our Criminal Attorneys Handle?

There are thousands of criminal laws outlined in the Nevada Revised Statutes (the body of laws that govern the state of Nevada).  With that in mind, our criminal defense attorneys are prepared to help you mount a strong defense against any type of criminal charges levied against you.

We’re equipped to handle all types of criminal cases, including but not limited to the following:

Our lawyers routinely appear and litigate cases in the Clark County District Court, the various Justice courts (Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas), the Nevada Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court of Nevada, the United States District Court for Nevada and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  If it involves appearing in court or standing before a judge and making a strong argument in a criminal case, you want The Vegas Lawyers on your side.   

Regardless of the type of criminal offense you face, a conviction can lead to devastating results for you and your family. Don’t risk your future, freedom, and reputation on a subpar or inexperienced attorney.  Contact TVL to speak with a legal team you can trust.

What Are Some Possible Defenses In A Criminal Case?

The burden of proof is always on the prosecution in criminal defense cases.  That means that the prosecutor (i.e., the District Attorney, U.S. Attorney’s Office, etc.) must prove that the person being accused of a particular crime is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  At the same time, individuals have the right to “poke holes” in the prosecution’s strategy via various defenses.   

If prosecutors cannot prove a defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, they’re more inclined to drop or decrease charges.  If they don’t, they’re not likely to be successful at trial. Common defenses in criminal cases include, but are not limited to, some of the following:

  • Constitutional Violations – Suppose a law enforcement agent conducts an unlawful search of you or your property or neglects to read your Miranda Rights. In that case, they’ve violated your Constitutional rights, and the courts are likely to throw out illegally obtained evidence before the trial begins.
  • Mistake or Accident – Many crimes require intent to be a prosecutable offense.  For instance, if a store’s Assistant Manager tells you that you can have something for free, but then the manager calls the police on you when you leave the store, you’re likely not guilty of stealing.  Genuine mistakes, misunderstandings, and accidents are viable criminal defenses.  In many cases, criminal charges are dropped or decreased if the criminal offense is due to a mistake.
  • Mistaken Identity – Instances of mistaken identity in criminal cases occur more often than you might think.  If law enforcement accuses you of a crime that someone else committed, our attorneys can help uncover evidence that shows the jury, judge, and police the real truth.  We’ve all seen the stories on television of people walking out of jail after being falsely accused of crimes they didn’t commit.   
  • Self-Defense – Depending on the circumstances, self-defense is a viable criminal defense for certain crimes (i.e., Assault & Battery, Homicide, etc.). A skilled criminal defense attorney at The Vegas Lawyers can help you present the facts that prove that your actions were necessary to defend yourself or others.
  • Necessity – Sometimes, an individual accused of committing a crime has a justifiable reason for doing so.  We can help you determine if your actions were legally justifiable under Nevada law.

The first step in mounting a successful defense strategy is to work with a proven criminal law defense attorney. Contact us today to learn more.

Where Does The Burden Of Proof Lie In Criminal Cases?

A criminal charge is not the same as a conviction.  If you’re facing possible misdemeanor or felony charges, it’s important to know that the criminal law burden of proof rests with the prosecution.  Further, the burden of proof is high.  Prosecutors must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the crime.

That means the state must prove causation in criminal law prosecutions.  Generally, the three elements of causation in criminal law include:

  1. The act of committing a crime
  2. Criminal intent
  3. Both criminal intent and the crime occurred at the same time.

Though the state must meet a high burden of proof, it also has a very high conviction rate – which means that it’s in your best interest to consult with an attorney to help disprove one or all elements of causation in criminal law concerning your case.

Can A Criminal Attorney Help With Bail And Release

Yes.  In most circumstances, criminal case bail (including felony bail) is a constitutional right. Exceptions can include capital crimes like murder and cases where the defendant is deemed a danger to the alleged victim or the community.

If you’re arrested for a criminal offense, it can be beneficial to consult with a criminal law attorney for assistance posting bail. Our criminal law attorneys at The Vegas Lawyers are here to help you post bail bonds and develop a solid strategy to secure your release as soon as possible.  As an added benefit, when you hire an attorney to help you post bail, your lawyer can also accept that payment as a retainer fee for legal services.

An experienced criminal law attorney can potentially help with misdemeanor bail, felony bail, bail denial appeals, and lowering bail.  Contact us today to learn more.

Why Hire A Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Abraham Lincoln once said, “A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.” While that may not apply to every case, it certainly applies to most.  Any knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer would advise against representing yourself.  Further, hiring a court-appointed lawyer may be just as risky – mainly because they are generally overworked and not highly incentivized to win.

Individuals who face criminal charges can lose their freedom, rights, money, and much more. 

In most cases, it’s better to entrust yourself to a proven criminal defense lawyer.  Generally, the most commonly cited reasons for hiring a criminal defense lawyer include:

  • Lawyers have a thorough understanding of the law: Both state and federal criminal laws are nuanced, complicated, and in many cases, confusing.  Unlike the average person, an experienced criminal defense lawyer has years of legal training, learning, and practice under their belt.
  • Lawyers have the experience to fight for you: With years or decades of experience comes a certain understanding of the law, legal precedence, and confidence.  An experienced criminal defense lawyer can use that hands-on experience to positively affect the outcome of your case.
  • Lawyers know the court system and legal procedure: A criminal defense lawyer who attends trial at the same courts for years, knows the judges, has a rapport with the prosecution, etc., can be a huge asset.
  • Lawyers use substantive and procedural law defenses: Experienced attorneys understand how to craft successful substantive and procedural law defenses.  That allows your attorney to know your rights have been violated and how to assert your rights in court.
  • A good lawyer can frame a tough defense: Developing a solid criminal defense isn’t an easy task. A proven criminal defense lawyer can use his or her experience, knowledge, and savvy to craft a solid criminal defense for even the toughest cases.  A court-appointed attorney usually doesn’t have the time to give their sole focus to building a strong defense.
  • A good lawyer can negotiate a plea deal in your best interest: It may be tempting to accept the first plea offer.  However, not every plea deal is the right deal.  An experienced criminal defense attorney understands how to represent his or her client’s best interest during plea bargain negotiations and push for the best possible outcome under the circumstances.

Convicted Of A Misdemeanor Or A Felony Crime?

Did you know that most criminal convictions (including criminal law felony offenses) in Nevada are eligible for record sealing? Criminal record sealing is a legal process that, if successful, hides your criminal record from most people, companies, and government institutions.

However, it’s important to note that record sealing is different from a criminal record expungement.  A record expungement totally erases a criminal conviction from your record, while a record sealing hides it from most inquiries.  Generally, the criminal record sealing process requires eligibility, a copy of your criminal history, paperwork, and waiting.

Contact The Vegas Lawyers Today If You Need A Criminal Defense Attorney

Our criminal defense attorneys at The Vegas Lawyers are recognized as among the best.  We are one of the top criminal law firms because of our team.  Our criminal law attorney team is comprised of a former judge, ex-prosecutors, and members of government agencies.  We know what to expect in high-stakes cases because we have intimate knowledge from both sides of the criminal justice aisle.  Further, we care about our clients and understand the stress and anxiety that comes with criminal charges.  Our job is not to judge but to defend.  It’s a job we do very well.   


Practice Area FAQs

Does your law firm handle DUI cases?

The Vegas Lawyers handles DUI cases and we handle them extremely well.  Our team consists of the former Chief Judge of the DUI court here in Las Vegas.  With several decades of legal experience handling DUI cases, we know the ins-and-outs of the DUI process.  That’s why we’ve been the first choice for police officers, nightlife industry folks, celebrities and out of towners looking for the best representation when it comes to a DUI. 

Should I speak to the police?

No. If you’ve been contacted by the police regarding an investigation, you’d be smart to get a lawyer. Even if you’re not the subject or target of the investigation, anything you say will likely end up in a written report and could come back against you. Having a lawyer from the beginning will give you the peace of mind of knowing your rights are protected. Many times, people want to be helpful or think they might get in trouble if they don’t cooperate only to later regret making statements that could come back to haunt them. Get strong and competent legal representation if you’ve been contacted by the police.

Can I get my DUI conviction sealed?

Yes. Record sealing is one of the most popular practice areas at The Vegas Lawyers. People make mistakes. One too many drinks at an after work happy hour can come back to haunt you for the rest of your life, impacting career and reputation. You don’t need to live with the stigma of a criminal conviction forever. At The Vegas Lawyers we know the process for sealing criminal records and we do it all the time. Call us today for a consultation and find out whether you’re eligible to get your criminal records sealed.


If you’re facing misdemeanor or felony criminal charges, you’re not alone.  We’re here to help. Give us a call at 702-707-7000 today to schedule your free initial consultation with a top criminal defense law attorney at The Vegas Lawyers.

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