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What Are Domestic Violence Penalties?

Like most states, the State of Nevada takes accusations of domestic violence very seriously. A conviction for domestic violence, officially referred to as “battery domestic violence,” carries with it significant judicial and non-judicial penalties. A clear understanding of those potential penalties is crucial if you have been charged with domestic violence in Nevada. How Does…

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Cybercrimes in NV: Everything You Need to Know

In today’s electronic world, computers are integral to everything from finding your future spouse to national security. Our reliance on electronics, however, has also led to a significant rise in cybercrimes. Though frequently viewed as less serious “white-collar crimes,” the potential penalties for a cybercrime conviction can be severe. To protect your freedom and your…

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What Is Illegal Reentry? What to Know

If you were ever legally evicted or removed from a home or apartment, you were likely notified that you could not return to the premises. What happens if you return anyway after being ordered to leave? You might be arrested and charged with “unlawful reentry.” To help you better understand, The Vegas Lawyers explain what…

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Understanding the Process of Record Sealing in Nevada

Having a criminal record can put you at a significant disadvantage in today’s world, preventing you from getting a job, renting an apartment, and even volunteering at your child’s school. If you have paid your debt to society or were never convicted of the charges, you may be eligible to have your criminal record sealed…

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Battery vs domestic battery in Las Vegas, NV

Battery vs Domestic Battery: Exploring Legal Differences

Like most states, Nevada makes a distinction between battery vs domestic battery. If you have been charged with either, you should understand the difference between the charges as well as the potential penalties if you are convicted. How Is Battery Defined in Nevada? The criminal offense of battery is governed by NRS 200.481 which defines…

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Domestic violence charges in Las Vegas, Nevada

Navigating Domestic Violence Charges in Las Vegas

If you’re facing domestic violence charges in Las Vegas it is imperative that you take the charges against you seriously because the judicial penalties and non-judicial consequences of a conviction can be life-altering. How Is Domestic Violence Defined by Nevada Law? Governed by NRS 33.018, domestic violence is defined as “committing one of the following…

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Man arrested facing DUI convictions in Las Vegas

The Consequences of DUI Convictions: What You Need to Know

Although most people are aware of the dangers, and possible consequences, of driving while under the influence (DUI), DUI arrests continue to occur at a steady rate – especially in a city like Las Vegas. “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” may apply to a wide range of questionable behavior; however, if what happens…

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Felony DUI in Las Vegas, Nevada

Understanding Felony DUI Charges: What Makes a DUI a Felony?

Despite a concerted effort by the government and advocacy groups to get people to stop driving under the influence, people still get behind the wheel after imbibing alcohol or taking recreational drugs. While this is true everywhere in the United States, it is especially prevalent in Las Vegas. If you have been arrested for driving…

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Traffic ticket lawyer in Las Vegas - The Vegas Lawyers

Challenge a Traffic Ticket With An Experienced Lawyer

If you have ever been pulled over by a law enforcement officer for allegedly committing a traffic violation, you know how frustrating – and potentially expensive – a routine traffic stop can be. Those flashing lights in your rearview mirror could wind up costing you hundreds of dollars in fines and costs, increased insurance premiums,…

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Nevada gun laws - The Vegas Lawyers

Nevada Gun Laws Explained: Navigating Concealed Carry

The U.S. Constitution guarantees people the right to “keep and bear arms,” but the individual states have the right to enact and enforce laws relating to the ability to carry a concealed firearm. Violating Nevada’s concealed carry laws can result in serious criminal charges being filed against you that could result in you facing a…

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Speed ticket lawyers in Las Vegas, NV

Speed Ticket Lawyers: How to Handle Speeding Tickets in NV

Some drivers intentionally drive over the speed limit while others unintentionally let the needle pass the speed limit while their mind wanders. For a law enforcement officer, all that is needed to write you a ticket is the suspicion that you were driving over the posted speed limit. Because a speeding ticket can be costly…

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Criminal attorney in Las Vegas - The Vegas Lawyers

6 Things to Look For in a Las Vegas Criminal Attorney

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, the most important thing you can do to protect yourself, your rights, and your future is to hire a criminal defense attorney. If you have never before needed a criminal attorney, however, the prospect of choosing one can be daunting. Knowing what to look for in…

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Can you drive with an expired license in Las Vegas, Nevada

Can You Drive With an Expired License? Know Nevada’s Laws

Many wonder if you can drive with an expired license. Like most states, the State of Nevada requires residents to renew a driver’s license before the expiration date of the license. While making a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles is probably not something you look forward to, operating a motor vehicle with an…

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Fake ID penalties in Nevada - The Vegas Lawyers

Everything You Need to Know About Fake ID Penalties

Fake IDs have been used by underage kids for as long as laws have been in place requiring you to be a certain age to purchase alcohol, tobacco, or gamble at a casino. Fake IDs are also used for more nefarious purposes, such as stealing an identity for financial gain or by fugitives to evade…

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Should you tell your lawyer if you are guilty in Las Vegas, NV

Should You Tell Your Lawyer If You Are Guilty?

If you were arrested and have been charged with committing a crime, you are undoubtedly worried about the outcome of your case and how that will impact your future. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side is the key to protecting your rights and future; however, you may be unsure about your relationship…

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Bench trial in Las Vegas, Nevada

Navigating the Bench Trial Process in Nevada

If you are arrested and charged with committing a crime in Nevada, you will need to decide whether to take your case to trial or enter into a plea agreement with the State. If you choose to go to trial, you will likely have another important decision to make that can directly impact the outcome…

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Exculpatory evidence in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Role of Exculpatory Evidence in Criminal Defense

In a criminal prosecution, the state bears the burden of proving the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. To do that, the prosecution must present evidence that proves each element of the offense. The defendant is not required to prove anything in a criminal prosecution; although, a defendant may choose to present evidence and testimony…

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A person playing casino at the casino club

What Happens If You Get Caught Cheating In Vegas?

Las Vegas is known as the entertainment and gambling capital of the world. However, there is one gamble that you might not want to take in Nevada: cheating the casinos. It’s not just lousy gamesmanship, it’s against the law and can cause you to incur severe penalties if convicted. Gaming and gambling taxes make up…

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Las Vegas warrant search

A Guide to a Las Vegas Warrant Search: Tips, & Resources

If you have an active warrant in Las Vegas, you could wind up in jail because the warrant shows up during a routine traffic stop. To avoid such a scenario, it is in your best interest to perform a Las Vegas warrant search and to address the warrant immediately if one does exist. What Is…

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parole vs probation with handcuffs and gavel

Parole vs Probation: Key Differences & What You Need to Know

If you are convicted of a criminal offense, either because you entered into a guilty plea agreement with the State or because you were found guilty at trial, you may end up spending some time on probation or parole. While people often use those terms interchangeably, they are not the same thing. Whether you are…

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Police cars at site that is a DUI a felony in Las Vegas, Nevada

Is a DUI a Felony? The Truth Behind DUI Charges

Despite impressive campaigns by both government authorities and private advocacy groups aimed at getting motorists to refrain from driving while under the influence, drunk driving deaths still occur every 50 minutes across the United States and one out of every three motor vehicle crash fatalities involves a driver driving while under the influence. Not surprisingly,…

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Attorneys going over involuntary manslaughter sentence in Las Vegas, Nevada

Involuntary Manslaughter Sentence: Understand Key Facts

The killing of a human being is a criminal offense in the State of Nevada. Exactly what criminal offense you are charged with and what penalties you face if you kill someone will depend on the facts and circumstances surrounding the killing. If you are charged with involuntary manslaughter, for example, you need to understand…

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What is capital murder - shiny golden balanced scale in court library background as concept justice and fairness legal symbol.

What is Capital Murder: Definition, Differences & Implications

Like most states, Nevada law differentiates between various circumstances involving killing a human being. The most serious of all homicide offenses is capital murder. If you have been charged with capital murder it is crucial that you understand how capital murder differs from other homicide offenses, the elements required to convict you, and the legal…

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will my first DUI go away?


Your chances of getting your first DUI charge dismissed in Nevada depends upon many factors. However, one thing is clear, getting a first-time DUI charge dismissed is much harder now than it used to be. With that in mind, yes – it’s difficult, but it’s not impossible to get first-time DUI charges reduced or dismissed.…

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woman at a shooting range with a gun


Are you currently facing weapons charges in Nevada?  If so, working with a Las Vegas weapons defense lawyer can greatly increase the chances of getting your case dismissed, reducing charges, or receiving less severe penalties.  It’s important to note that if you’re convicted of weapons or gun offenses in Nevada, you could face prison time,…

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Two People getting advice from a Criminal defense lawyer

Need Advice From A Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Criminal charges can ruin your life, even if you’re ultimately found not guilty or your case is dismissed. Even if you do get off on the criminal charges against you, it’s possible that you could still be charged civilly and have to pay significant penalties in order to settle the case out of court. If…

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Two adults in darkness. What does Domestic Violence Look like


Nevada routinely ranks in the top five states for domestic violence (“DV”) in the nation.  For that reason, the state’ legislature has crafted tough Nevada domestic violence laws.  As a result, law enforcement and the courts are generally not very lenient on individuals convicted of domestic violence offenses.  If you’re facing domestic violence charges in…

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standing before the judge


A deposition is sworn, oral testimony, subject to cross-examination, taken before a court reporter.  While depositions routinely occur in civil cases, they are sometimes permitted in Nevada criminal cases.  However, they’re only allowed under specific circumstances.  The purpose of a deposition is to obtain a face-to-face oral statement made by a witness (outside of the…

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police finding drugs in a car


Las Vegas is known worldwide for its party culture.  It’s truly the city that never sleeps.  However, residents and tourists alike are often surprised to learn that most drug crime violations committed in Nevada are punished severely. The potential implications of a drug crime conviction are devastating. With that in mind, there are three important…

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no indecent exposure in las vegas


Contrary to the rumors, indecent exposure is a crime in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Individuals convicted of indecent exposure face gross misdemeanor or felony charges, depending on the circumstances of the case. Open and gross lewdness (touching the genitals of an unwilling person) is similar to indecent exposure but carries much harsher penalties. Las Vegas is…

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immigrates pulled over for a DUI


When you live in the United States, you’re expected to obey the laws.  Failure to obey the laws has consequences from the criminal justice system.  And if you’re an immigrant, failure to obey the laws can also result in consequences regarding your immigration status.  If an immigrant is caught drinking and driving, the immigration consequences…

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Man making a call about a car crash


Leaving the scene of a car accident is considered a “hit-and-run” offense in Nevada.  Fleeing the scene can lead to devastating consequences, especially if it involves injuries.  Committing a hit-and-run offense when someone is hurt is a felony crime in Nevada. If you’re involved in an accident, we suggest you remain at the scene (especially…

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Can you get a trial by jury if charged with a DUI?


Eligibility for a DUI jury trial depends on whether you’re charged with a misdemeanor DUI or a felony DUI in Nevada.  If you face misdemeanor DUI charges, you’re not entitled to a trial by jury.   However, per a United States Supreme Court ruling (Blanton v. North Las Vegas) issued more than three decades ago,…

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casino markers and defrauding casinos


Our criminal defense lawyers at The Vegas Lawyers have noticed that many cases involve failure to pay casino markers. With that in mind, it’s fair to ask, “What is a casino marker?” A casino marker is a zero-interest line of credit offered by casinos to certain customers. Gamblers must pay back the debt via bank…

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Drunken fighting at a bar with assault and battery


The difference between assault and battery is a matter of intention and whether or not touching occurred. Generally, Nevada defines assault as putting someone in fear and apprehension of physical harm. Battery is defined as unlawful touching (i.e., hitting, kicking, biting, pushing, etc.). For example, suppose a person unintentionally bumps into another person at a…

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have a dui concealed | The Vegas Lawyers


DUI arrests and convictions in Nevada can remain on your record indefinitely. It can appear during background checks for employment, loans, housing, and more. With that in mind, most Misdemeanor DUI records are eligible for a record seal within seven years after the case closes. That means that the DUI arrest and/conviction stays on your…

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Don't Drive While Under the Influence | The Vegas Lawyers

Marijuana DUI in Nevada: What You Need To Know

The use and purchase of marijuana is legal in Nevada. While it’s great to enjoy newfound freedoms, it’s also essential to understand its limitations.  For example, you obviously shouldn’t drive while high under any circumstances. For some reason many people seem to take lightly the consequences of driving while high believing that somehow, it’s less…

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what happens when you have an accident

What Will Happen If My License Is Expired And I Get Into An Accident?

Driving in Nevada, like every other state, is considered a privilege, and not a right.  This means that drivers can have their license revoked or suspended by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”).  In these cases, unlicensed drivers would have to find other means of transportation.  However, too often unlicensed drivers make the unfortunate…

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A row of smiling panelists

What is a Victim Impact Panel in Nevada?

As the former Chief Judge of the DUI Court and now a DUI defense attorney, I’m often asked by clients about the requirement of a Victim Impact Panel.  Here’s what you need to know: drivers convicted of DUI in Nevada must attend a Victim Impact Panel (VIP). That’s true regardless of the DUI offense. The…

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Your vote Matters Even After prison | The Vegas Lawyers Blog

Can Ex-Felons Vote In Nevada?

Historically, a person convicted of a felony was barred from voting in most states.  However, times are changing.  With greater focus upon and scrutiny of the criminal justice system, there has been much discussion in recent years about the need for rehabilitation and restoration of civil rights for ex-felons.  Today, all but approximately 11 states…

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A judge and the lawyers at the court

Scott Gragson Sentenced To Prison For DUI

Prominent Las Vegas businessman Scott Gragson was sentenced on September 4, 2020 to a term of 8 to 20 years by Clark County District Court Judge Michael Villani as part of a criminal case alleging felony DUI charges involving death and substantial bodily injury.  This case highlights, in the most tragic terms, how a person’s…

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Learn To Avoid A DUI | The Vegas Lawyers Legal Blog

How To Avoid A DUI

In the past several years there has become much greater societal awareness regarding the dangers of drinking (or consuming controlled substances) and driving.  According to government statistics, 28 people die every day in the United States due to a drunk driving accident.  The annual costs associated with drunk driving crashes is estimated at $44 billion…

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