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The most important thing a law firm can offer is competence and compassion.  Any lawyer can make a legal argument, but not all lawyers have the same personality or caring attitude towards clients.  At The Vegas Lawyers, we treat our clients like family.  Whether you’re dealing with criminal charges, immigration issues or a personal injury matter (like a car, truck or motorcycle accident), we can help. 

If you’ve lived in this city for any period of time, you know that Las Vegas is a city where it’s easy to have a lot of fun.  It’s also a city where it’s easy to find trouble — or have trouble find you! If it does, you soon find out that the party music and neon lights can fade quickly to bullhorns and blinking blue.

If this happens, you’re going to need more than a law firm that “knows the system,” or all the “ins and outs” of law.  What you’ll need is a law firm that knows YOU and all that you are going through.  This includes appreciating the emotional trauma, the bewilderment, the pain and the impact on your family.  You need a law firm that can truly empathize with you as an individual person, a firm that doesn’t judge you, a firm that believes you, and that firm is The Vegas Lawyers. 

Whatever the criminal charge, we don’t believe that once your case is over that you should be carrying a “life sentence” of lost opportunities.  Whatever the personal injury matter, we know you need to get back “on your feet” and get the compensation you deserve.  The Vegas Lawyers are here to help you.   


Our clients time and time again say this about us:

“The moment I met them I knew I was in good hands, they put me at ease, they were non-judgmental, and really got to know me, my situation, and my family.”

“They knew exactly what I was going through, they believed me, they had faith in me, they helped me get through this.”

“They helped me get a Second Chance program instead of jail time, without it, my life would be in shambles.”

“I worked with other lawyers in the past that looked down upon me, and only communicated when they wanted more money. The Vegas Lawyers were always organized, on point, and they treat me like family.”

“They know the judges, the system, they’ve worked both sides of the bench, plus they’re great people – they still keep up with me from time to time, what lawyer does that?”

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