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A traffic ticket can be a real thorn in your side if not handled correctly.  Generally, you can choose to contest the traffic ticket or pay the fine, but you should never ignore it.  Why?  Because ignoring a ticket could lead to a judge issuing a warrant for your arrest.  Trust us, it happens. 

If law enforcement has given you a ticket or you have a warrant for your arrest, it’s important that you seek the help of a traffic ticket lawyer and traffic warrant attorney.  Otherwise, you’re at greater risk of points on your license, fines, and even possible jail time. Whether you’ve received a ticket in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Boulder City, Laughlin, Mesquite, Pahrump or on federal lands, we can help. 

Give The Vegas Lawyers a call at (702) 707-7000 and let us help you with your traffic ticket or  warrant.  Hoping the problem goes away is not a good strategy.  Getting us involved can help you avoid bigger problems later.   

What Does A Traffic Lawyer Do?

People spend time searching for terms like “traffic violation lawyer near me” because they understand the benefits of hiring a traffic ticket lawyer.  Hiring a traffic ticket lawyer or traffic warrant attorney can save you time, money and a lot of frustration.  A few of the most commonly cited benefits of working with a traffic ticket lawyer are:

  • In-court representation
  • Help getting the ticket dismissed or decreased to a lesser charge
  • A greater understanding of your legal options
  • Ability to deal with the District Attorney directly, so the case never gets to court
  • Decreased penalties when a conviction is unavoidable
  • Help to deal with traffic ticket warrants

Speeding Tickets 

The main law in Nevada dealing with traffic matters is located at Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) 484B and is aptly entitled “Rules of the Road.”  This NRS section covers A through Z of Nevada traffic laws.  The most common type of traffic tickets given out by law enforcement  in Nevada are for speeding.   

The laws dealing specifically with speeding start at NRS 484B.600.  Many people don’t realize that a speeding ticket (or “moving violation” as its commonly called) is technically a misdemeanor crime.  However, it’s exceedingly rare for a person to ever received any jail time for a speeding violation.  The only way that would happen is if alcohol or drugs was involved and, in that case, the person would be facing potential DUI charges with the speeding ticket being the least of his or her concerns. 

The Basic Speed Limit Rule

The basic speed limit rule in Nevada provides that a person cannot drive a motor vehicle at a speed greater than is “reasonable or proper having due regard for the traffic, surface and width of the highway, the weather and other highway conditions.”  The law also prohibits a person from driving at a rate of speed that can “endanger the life, limb or property of any person” or which results in the injury of another person or of property.  Thus, a motorist must always drive at a safe speed.  What is a safe speed will vary depending upon the circumstances.  

The Absolute Speed Limit Rule

The “absolute” speed limit is the speed beyond which one cannot drive.  The absolute speed limits are generally posted along the roads of Nevada.  For example, if the posted speed limit is 55 miles per hour and a person is driving faster than that, then he or she has violated the absolute speed limit. 

Speeding Penalties

Speeding in Nevada is a misdemeanor crime that carries up to six months in prison and a maximum fine of $1,000.  However, the law provides that a court may, in its discretion, reduce a moving violation to a non-moving violation.  If a person pays all fines before the date by which they are required to appear in court, there is a presumption in favor of reducing the speeding violation to a non-moving violation.

What Are The Consequences Of Traffic Ticket Convictions?

Traffic tickets are nothing to scoff at.  They are, in fact, serious offenses that can result in many negative consequences like a criminal record, penalizing your DMV points, and causing your insurance rates to skyrocket.  In worst-case scenarios, traffic ticket penalties for serious infractions can even lead to jail.

The best ticket lawyers in Las Vegas know what to do to fight the charges and help you avoid traffic ticket penalties (including penalties for unpaid tickets).  If your case goes to trial, experienced ticket lawyers can call witnesses, cross-examine the officer who wrote the ticket, and make compelling arguments in your defense.

The burden of proof is on the prosecution to prove the charge against you, which means that even the slightest mistake, omission, or hint of shaky evidence could lead to a case dismissal. Contact us today to speak with the best ticket lawyers in Las Vegas.  We can fix your ticket or warrant problem.  We have a whole system in place to expedite the process and make it go as smoothly as possible.  Let your problem become our problem.     

How To Defend A Traffic Ticket Charge?

Before considering how to beat a traffic ticket in court, it can be helpful to familiarize yourself with the Nevada traffic laws in Chapter 484B of the Nevada Revised Statutes.  Doing so allows you to understand the charges against you and the potential questions that may be raised in court.  It’s important to note that simply pleading “not guilty” to a speeding ticket isn’t always the best way to “fix my ticket.”

For instance, it can sometimes be more helpful to pursue a reduction in charges to a non-moving violation instead.  Generally, the District Attorney has the authority to make and accept a plea bargain for lesser offenses.  In many cases, the prosecution will allow defendants to accept responsibility for a non-moving offense in lieu of the original misdemeanor traffic offense. In that case, the non-moving violation is just a ticket, not a misdemeanor.

If you can secure a favorable plea deal, it can save you from deducted points on your license, traffic school attendance, and having a criminal record.  This is one area of law where having the right lawyer can make a big difference.  At The Vegas Lawyers, our ticket department handles thousands of cases.  We know the process and the DA’s Office knows us.     

How A Traffic Ticket Can Lead To A Bench Warrant

Generally, once you receive a traffic ticket, you have three options: pay the ticket, fight the ticket, or ignore the ticket.  However, you should be aware that ignoring the ticket can (and usually does) lead to a judge issuing a bench warrant for your arrest.  It’s important to note that a traffic warrant doesn’t go away unless your traffic warrant attorney clears it up or you’re arrested.

That means that any subsequent encounters with law enforcement could lead to your immediate arrest.  That’s true even if you’ve moved out of state or to another country. Further, law enforcement can’t release you until the warrant is lifted.  In some cases, a judge can see you immediately.  However, in others (especially weekends and holidays), you may have to wait for as long as three days before you see a judge at your warrant hearing.  Imagine being pulled over after happy hour on a Friday only to be notified by the officer that there’s a warrant for your arrest based upon unpaid tickets?  Not a good way to start a weekend.  

If there is a traffic warrant or bench warrant out for your arrest, it is in your best interest to seek the help of competent lawyers to help with warrants.  A traffic ticket warrant lawyer can help handle the ticket, the traffic warrant, and keep you out of jail.  Contact us today to speak with an experienced Las Vegas traffic warrant attorney.

You Should Go To Court If You Receive A Traffic Ticket

Have you received a traffic ticket but are unsure if you’ll attend court or pay the ticket?  If so, you should be aware that neglecting to handle your ticket appropriately can lead to the issuance of a warrant for not paying the ticket or attending court.

What is a traffic warrant?  A traffic warrant is essentially an order for a person’s arrest.  Nevada traffic court judges are inclined to issue a warrant if you neglect to show up in court or pay traffic fines.

A judge is more likely to be lenient with defendants who appear in court, admit wrongdoing, and show remorse.  Doing so could result in decreased penalties (i.e., reduced fines, traffic school in lieu of fines, reduced charges, etc.).  However, not appearing for a traffic court appearance almost always has a negative effect on the outcome of your case – including additional charges.

How Can I Find Out If I Have A Traffic Warrant?

Sometimes, you can learn about traffic violation warrants online.  However, that’s not always possible.  Other methods of learning how to take care of traffic ticket warrants like showing up to court or asking law enforcement could lead to your immediate arrest.

With that in mind, it’s generally safer to learn about warrants for unpaid fines, warrants for parking tickets, or warrants for traffic violations through your traffic warrant attorney.  In many cases, your attorney can resolve your ticket and get your warrant recalled without you going to jail.

Give us a call today at (702) 707-7000 to learn more about how to take care of traffic ticket warrants in Nevada.

Will A Traffic Warrant Appear On A Background Check?

If you have an existing bench warrant for your arrest and your background is checked by a potential employer or mortgage lender, the warrant will appear in your traffic warrant background check.

However, if a judge recalls the warrant, it’s not likely to appear on a traffic violation background check. It’s important to note that failure to appear in court is a criminal offense, which means that it will also appear on a background check. Criminal convictions stay on your record much longer, so it’s in your best interest to avoid additional charges at all costs.

Can You Fly While A Warrant Is Pending Against You?

Attempting to fly with active traffic warrants is a recipe for disaster.  Doing so can result in being arrested during security checks.  Therefore, it’s in your best interest to contact an experienced traffic warrant attorney to help you resolve traffic warrants before you travel.  Otherwise, traveling with active warrants could lead to embarrassment, arrests, and possible extradition.

Do You Need To Hire A Tickets And Warrants Lawyer?

A traffic ticket or warrant lawyer understands the laws and procedures involved in successfully handling a ticket or traffic ticket warrant.  Generally, individuals who hire a traffic ticket warrant lawyer are more likely to get charges reduced or dropped.  Further, an experienced traffic ticket warrants lawyer can argue for lighter punishments in situations where the defendant can’t avoid a conviction.  A few benefits of hiring a proven traffic violation lawyer include:

  • Sound legal advice from an experienced traffic ticket warrants lawyer
  • Your traffic violation lawyer can appear for you at hearings once the warrant is lifted
  • Relationships and familiarity with the prosecutor and judge
  • An understanding of local procedures

Contact The Vegas Lawyers today to learn more about what is a traffic warrant and what you should expect if there is a current traffic ticket warrant for your arrest.

Contact The Vegas Lawyers To Deal With Tickets And Warrants

Whether you want to fight a traffic ticket or resolve an active traffic warrant, our skilled traffic lawyers and warrant lawyers are here to help.  While it’s not always necessary to hire a traffic ticket lawyer for low-level offenses, it can certainly help to ease your anxiety and stress throughout the process.

Further, an experienced traffic ticket lawyer knows what it takes to get the best possible results for you under the circumstances.  Additionally, if there is an active warrant out for your arrest, it’s in your best interest to immediately contact the best warrant lawyers for your situation.


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