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Arelice Parra

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Arelice Parra is for all practical purposes, a native of Las Vegas having moved here when she was 4 years old.  With family ties in Mexico, she has managed to remain fluent in Spanish even though she grew up speaking English.  This is because Arelice has a mind that is inquisitive and always interested in acquiring new skills and knowledge.  If you’re facing a tough legal situation, Arelice (our criminal and DUI paralegal) is exactly the type of person you want working on your case! 

As a paralegal for The Vegas Lawyers, Arelice is responsible for all criminal and DUI cases, as well as all matters involving record sealing and traffic violations.  A very organized and detail-oriented person, Arelice is an invaluable part of the team at The Vegas Lawyers.  While our lawyers shine in the courtroom, they only do so because Arelice keeps them organized and on track.  Proficient with legal processes and how cases get handled and filed in the court system, Arelice ensures that clients of The Vegas Lawyers remain informed and updated about their legal issues.  She also works closely with attorneys Tony Abbatangelo and Michael Humphreys on high profile criminal cases pending in state and federal courts.  Whether its preparing for a trial or readying an appellate brief for filing with the Nevada Supreme Court or the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, Arelice is at her best!


With over 10-years of experience as a paralegal, Arelice has had an opportunity to witness and be involved with all kinds of cases.  According to Arelice, “when clients are facing criminal issues, they want both outstanding legal representation and someone that understands their situation.”  For this reason, she approaches every case without judgment and a healthy dose of empathy for a client’s situation.  When clients come to The Vegas Lawyers, Arelice is often the first person they meet.  “It’s important,” notes Arelice, “that clients feel at ease and understand that we will provide them a 5-star defense and treat them with respect and dignity throughout the process.” 

Given that she regularly communicates with clients, she also understands the importance of giving clients regular updates about their cases and making sure they get accurate information.  “We often deal with people that are very stressed out because of what they’re facing so I believe its my obligation and duty to help ease that stress by staying in touch with them and keeping the attorney updated about the client’s concerns and issues” notes Arelice.  With the latest technology and software at her fingertips, Arelice is able to timely communicate with clients and keep them “in the know” about what’s happening in their individual case. 

“One of the big things we always talk about and focus on is making sure clients understand their case is important to us” notes Arelice.  Adding, “every case, no matter how big or small, is important because it isn’t just good customer service to think this way, it’s good human service.  I’m proud to be part of a law firm and group of professionals that are dedicated to be the best at what we do and truly caring about our clients.”  At The Vegas Lawyers, the commitment to excellence and compassion is more than just a sentiment, it’s reflected every day in the manner in which clients are treated and the constant learning attorneys and staff undergo to remain on top of the latest developments in the law.  


If you want to understand the attitude and professionalism Arelice brings to each case, a good example is the case of “Dominick.”  His was a situation in which he faced felony charges for alleged domestic violence.  After Dominick’s girlfriend became upset with him and a verbal argument ensued, she contacted the police falsely claiming that Dominick was violent with her.  When the police arrived, she showed them her wrist which had red swelling on it. 

Dominick explained to the police that his girlfriend began striking him when he attempted to avoid the argument and leave the room and that he simply grabbed her wrist to stop her from striking him in the face and causing real harm.  Dominick explained to the police he was a medical doctor and that his girlfriend had a history of being physically aggressive when she became angry.  Even though the police officers appeared sympathetic, they notified Dominick they would have to place him under arrest per “policy” because his girlfriend’s wrist appeared red and he admitted to grabbing her.    

Terrified that his decision to be truthful with the police resulted in his arrest, Dominick became even more alarmed when he was notified he was going to be prosecuted for felony domestic violence by the Clark County District Attorney’s Office.  All he could think at the time was that he was in a living nightmare.  A fellow physician urged Dominick to immediately contact Tony Abbatangelo and The Vegas Lawyers.  After contacting The Vegas Lawyers and retaining the firm to represent him, Dominick spent many hours with Tony and Arelice compiling information for his defense, this included emails, text messages and third-party witnesses that could corroborate his story. 

Arelice put all the information together and created a helpful timeline of events that Tony could show the assigned prosecutor that if they went to trial on the case, they’d lose.  As a former judge, Tony knew exactly how the government would try to prosecute this case and what it would take to talk the prosecutors out of doing so.  Ultimately, the prosecutors dropped all charges after realizing Dominick’s girlfriend was not fully truthful and was misusing the system.  When they reviewed what Tony and Arelice had created for Dominick, they understand they had a major problem on their hands in trying to prosecute Dominick.  All charges were dismissed. 

Reflecting back on Dominick’s case, Arelice notes: “the biggest thing is making clients comfortable and helping them realize we are not here to judge but instead to help them on the search for justice.”  For Dominick, the experience was gut wrenching.  As a physician and someone that grew up with two sisters, he was horrified at the prospect of being prosecuted for domestic violence, an act he found abhorrent and contrary to everything he stood for. 

He also came to appreciate how having a legal team that truly cares about its clients and is willing to do the hard work to uncover the truth can make a big difference, including having legal professionals like Arelice who bring compassion and understanding to the process.  Sometimes the criminal justice system can be unrelenting and uncaring.  It takes a good legal team to even “the playing field” and get justice. 

Arelice is a graduate of VoTech high school in Las Vegas.  She graduated Valedictorian of her class.  Later, she attended Community College of Southern Nevada earning an Associate’s degree in business.  Following that, Arelice, the first person in her family to attend college, earned her Bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  In 2020, Arelice was installed as Secretary of the Las Vegas Valley Paralegal Association.

A hard worker with a talented mind for helping solve legal problems, she is a valuable member of The Vegas Lawyers.  “I have worked in the legal field for many decades and Arelice is simply one of the best paralegals I have ever encountered” observes former federal prosecutor Michael Humprheys.  “Her ability to organize evidence and find angles to a criminal case are simply amazing” notes Tony Abbatangelo.  If you’re looking for the best, you need The Vegas Lawyers and Arelice on your case!

Arelice Parra Paralegal with The Vegas Lawyers


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