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Michael Humphreys Esq.

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in Las Vegas

If you’re facing criminal charges in federal court, you need attorney Michael Humphreys on your side.  A highly accomplished former federal prosecutor with a lengthy career in the United States Department of Justice, Michael now focuses his practice on defending clients facing federal charges.  Whether your case is in a federal trial or appellate court, Michael can help. 

He knows how the FBI and other governmental agencies bring cases, he knows how prosecutors evaluate evidence and he knows the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Nevada very well.  There is no federal criminal case too big or small he cannot handle.  Along with attorney Tony Abbatangelo, Esq. and paralegal Arelice Parra, Michael is part of The Vegas Lawyers criminal defense team that provides clients with a 5-star defense.  He is also part of The Federal Defenders, an affiliate law firm dedicated to providing nationwide federal criminal defense.  If your situation involves federal criminal charges, you need Michael.     


The first time Michael stood in front of a jury; he knew it was exactly where he was meant to be.  With over 30 years of experience as a federal prosecutor, Michael understands federal criminal law and he understands what it takes to win in federal court.  As an African-American attorney, he brings a unique perspective to the table.  Speaking about the criminal justice system, Michael understands “why many folks are upset because of the injustices they perceive in the system.”  According to Michael: “Whether my clients are black, white or of any other background, I am always sensitive to their concerns about bias and I know how to raise those concerns with the proper authorities when warranted.” 

Indeed, “justice” is about doing what’s just and right.  Far too many times, issues that should give people pause get swept under the rug so to speak.  Part of the cornerstone of our constitutional democracy is the concept of “due process.”  Due process requires that the government “play fair.”  When it doesn’t, Michael and his team at The Vegas Lawyers know how to speak up and demand what’s right from the government.  Commenting on this, Michael adds: “the good news for people in Las Vegas is that we have some great federal judges, they’re not afraid to hold the government accountable when necessary or justified.”  As someone that practiced as a federal prosecutor right here in Las Vegas for many years, Michael is well known to the federal judges of Nevada. 


Anyone facing federal charges understands the enormous pressure that can be brought to bear by the United States.  While it’s obviously important to have a competent lawyer (that would be a basic) it’s also important to have a lawyer with a sense of compassion and humanity.  Too often clients complain that they feel their lawyer doesn’t care about them or feel any investment in their situation.  At The Vegas Lawyers, the first thing clients hear is that they are valued by the firm and that the lawyers and staff have compassion for their situation.  Being accused of a crime is nerve wracking and can cause social ostracization.  The last thing a person needs is to be shunned by their own lawyer. 

At The Vegas Lawyers, we have compassion for our clients.  And compassion means treating a client with dignity and respect.  It also means telling clients the truth about their situation so they can make intelligent decisions about their future.  As noted by Michael: “One of the biggest disservices a lawyer can do a client is sugar coating the reality or telling them what they want to hear.  My job is to tell the truth and to help guide the client to a place of safety.  Whether that means evaluating a plea deal or taking a case to trial, it only happens when the client is fully informed.  We owe that to them.” 

Michael fully understands the United States Sentencing Guidelines which, although no longer binding on federal judges, are still routinely relied upon in determining a sentence.  “If your lawyers doesn’t have a good handle on the guidelines, how can you evaluate a deal” queries Michael.  And that’s certainly true.  There are very few trials in the federal criminal justice system anymore given the harshness of federal sentences so its more important than ever to understand not only the guidelines but also the proper legal arguments to get a sentence reduced or minimized.    


Michael attended the University of Michigan for his undergraduate education.  He received his law degree from Howard University School of Law.  He keeps abreast of the latest developments in federal law by routinely reviewing federal decisions and through membership in the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.  A strategic thinker and a passionate advocate, Michael believes the best defense requires thorough preparation and knowledge of the facts and law.  It’s this winning attitude that he brings to every case. 

When he’s not busy working on cases, he enjoys playing golf and spending time with his lovely wife.        

Michael Humphrays Criminal Attorney for the Vegas Lawyers


If you want a highly competent and well-respected lawyer in your corner, a person that knows how to argue in federal court and that’s well respected by the federal judges in Las Vegas, you want Michael Humphreys as your attorney.  You’ll be getting not only a first-rate lawyer but an advocate that truly cares.

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