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Don't Drive While Under the Influence | The Vegas Lawyers

Marijuana DUI in Nevada: What You Need To Know

The use and purchase of marijuana is legal in Nevada. While it’s great to enjoy newfound freedoms, it’s also essential to understand its limitations.  For example, you obviously shouldn’t drive while high under any circumstances.…

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DUI victim Panel | The Vegas Lawyers

What is a Victim Impact Panel in Nevada?

As the former Chief Judge of the DUI Court and now a DUI defense attorney, I’m often asked by clients about the requirement of a Victim Impact Panel.  Here’s what you need to know: drivers…

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Learn To Avoid A DUI | The Vegas Lawyers Legal Blog


In the past several years there has become much greater societal awareness regarding the dangers of drinking (or consuming controlled substances) and driving.  According to government statistics, 28 people die every day in the United…

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