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Criminal Law Overview and Criminal Defense

If you’re facing criminal charges in Las Vegas, we understand the anxiety and stress you’re under.  The criminal laws are vast and complex and can implicate both state and federal violations.  This is an area of law that requires skilled legal counsel that fully understands the entire range of Constitutional rights available to you as a defendant and knows how to develop and put forth a powerful defense. You need the right criminal defense lawyer on your side.

Given how important the stakes are (after all your liberty is potentially at risk) this is not an area of law to gamble with your lawyer.  At The Vegas Lawyers, we have a powerful team of attorneys and paralegals that can handle any type of criminal case.  Whether you’re facing a DUI or murder charge in state court or you’re being charged with serious federal felonies, our top criminal defense lawyers can help. 

Our team of legal professionals include a former judge and a former federal prosecutor.  We have the skill, the know-how, compassion and commitment to give you a five-star defense.  You can bet on that!    

Areas Of Practice

We handle a wide variety of state and federal criminal cases.  As already mentioned, there are a vast array of criminal charges that can implicate state and federal violations.  Irrespective of whether you’re being prosecuted in state or federal court, we can help you. 

We handle everything from DUI cases, cases involving domestic violence, charges involving passing “bad checks” all the way up to murder; and everything in between.  In federal court, we handle all types of cases such as mail/wire fraud, conspiracy, bank fraud, firearms crimes and tax violations.  Simply put, if you’re facing state or federal charges, we cover it all.    

Our lawyers routinely appear and litigate cases in the Clark County District Court, the various Justice courts (Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas), the Nevada Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court of Nevada, the United States District Court for Nevada and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  If it involves appearing in court or standing before a judge and making a strong argument in a criminal case, we’re the lawyers you want on your side.    

A Commitment To Excellence

Excellence means staying on top of the latest legal developments.  It means understanding how to best present a client’s case before a particular judge.  At The Vegas Lawyers, our team of attorneys and paralegals dedicate themselves to staying abreast of the latest legal developments in order to better serve our clients. 

After all, our clients come to us for advice and guidance.  It’s our duty, therefore, to make sure we give them the best advice possible.  This happens by staying in touch with the rapid developments in the law and networking through the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the preeminent bar association focused upon criminal law.  Our commitment to excellence is promising you top-notch legal representation. 

A Commitment To Compassion

Have you had the experience of dealing with a lawyer who you didn’t feel they really cared about you or your legal situation?  Were you made to feel like just a number?  Sometimes even highly competent lawyers lack a true sense of compassion for their clients.  That’s not the case at The Vegas Lawyers.  We understand what’s at stake for you and we bring a sense of compassion to our representation of your legal interests.    

Our commitment to compassion means treating you and your loved ones with the dignity and respect you deserve.  It means taking the time to understand your anxieties and concerns and crafting a plan of action to help you.  No lawyer can ever guarantee a result.  But we can guarantee that you will be treated like family and that we will truly invest ourselves in helping you with your legal issues.  We care about clients and we demonstrate that every day through our compassion. 

Building A Strong Defense In Your Criminal Case

The key to a successful outcome in any criminal case is hard work and diligent case preparation.  What does this means in practical terms?  It means putting in the hours to understand the facts of your situation.  Criminal cases can turn on the smallest details that may seek inconsequential at first blush but in reality can make the difference between conviction versus acquittal. 

That’s why at The Vegas Lawyers we not only put in the time to learn every detail about our clients’ cases but we also employ some of the best investigators to help.  This attention to detail gives us the edge in diligently preparing for trial should that need arise.  The idea of a lawyer simply walking into court and “winging it” is a bad strategy for success.  The key to success in any criminal case is preparation, preparation and preparation. 

A Track Record Of Success

The team at The Vegas Lawyers has nearly 100 years of experience.  Our lawyers and paralegals have been involved in thousands of criminal cases.  We’ve represented clients facing the most serious charges.  We’ve represented celebrities looking for the extra edge in court to get through a criminal nightmare.  We’ve represented countless tourists who’ve gotten caught up in criminal charges involving prostitution, drug crimes, public intoxication and an assortment of other illegal charges.  We’ve represented professionals in “white-collar” cases in federal court in which the stakes involve potential decades in prison.    

Through all of our experience, we’ve forged an outstanding track record of success.  We’ve helped countless clients reclaim their lives.  A criminal charge, no matter how small, can have life altering consequences.  The shame and embarrassment, not to mention the possibility of losing your freedom, require that you have skilled and knowledgeable counsel guiding and representing you.  If you’re facing charges in Clark County, Nevada, The Vegas Lawyers can help.       

What Makes The Vegas Lawyers Different?

There are many good criminal defense lawyers in Las Vegas practicing criminal defense.  If you’re facing state or federal charges, you have many options when it comes to which lawyer your hire.  However, lawyers are often like shoes.  The one that fits you best will depend upon a number of factors that have little to do with the law. 

Does your personality jibe with your lawyer?  Do you “feel” that the lawyer has your best interest at heart.  Does your lawyer demonstrate “compassion” for your situation?  Does your lawyer understand the circumstances of your situation?  These are all important points to consider when evaluating lawyers.

At The Vegas Lawyers, what sets us apart is our unique team.  When we sign up a client, that person is represented by an entire team.  We routinely discuss our clients’ cases at meetings and collaborate on how to put forward the best defenses.  We come up with strategies on how to make the most persuasive defense. 


We have great writers who know how to draft a brief that can present a winning argument.  We employ the latest technology to ensure we present a great case at trial.  In criminal cases, the stakes are very high.  We know this and we take our obligations to you seriously.  Call us at (702) 707-7000 for a confidential conversation about your situation.  Even if you’re represented by another lawyer and you want a “second opinion,” we’re happy to discuss your situation and answer any questions you may have.

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